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Board Members


Mr. Joseph Liburd - Chairman of the Board

One of the longest serving members on the board, Mr. Joseph Liburd joined us in April 2013 and is a retired Assistant Commissioner of Police who has served for more than thirty-three years in policing. Mr. Liburd holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice Management from La Salle University, Louisiana, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Police Management and Strategic Planning. He brings passion and experience to NASPA and is often described as a community-oriented person as he is also one of the founding members of Boys Empowered to Achieve (BETA).


Ms. S Patricia Claxton - Director of the Board

Ms. Claxton joined the NASPA board of directors May 21st, 2018 and brings over 20 years’ worth of experience to the board. She is not only an entrepreneur bust also serves as Chairperson of the St. Kitts and Nevis Industry and Commerce, Nevis Division and serves us as one of its Directors.

Mackee France 1.jpg

Mr. Mackee France - Director of the Board

With over six years of experience as a member of the NASPA board of Directors, Mr. France holds a Diplome Superieur in teaching French from L’Universite de Besancon, France and has five years’ experience as a high school teacher. In 1991, he was employed at the renowned Four Seasons Resort Nevis where he has held positions which included Dining Room Assistant Manager, Grill Room Manager, Director of Restaurants and Assistant Food & Beverage Director. His present position is Director of Guest Experiences and in 2008 was awarded Manager of the at Nevis Tourism Awards.

Stephen Jones.jpg

Mr. Stephen Jones - Director of the Board

Mr. Jones joined NASPA’s board of directors in May 2017 and brings to the organisation experience in business and has extensive knowledge as a retired customs Officer.

Joanne Flemming 1.jpg

Ms. Joanne Flemming - Board Secretary

Joanne Flemming joined the NASPA Board of Directors May 21st, 2018 and serves as one of the Boards Directors. She possesses a Bachelor of Law (Hons), a Legal Education Certificate and an associate degree in Business Studies and brings to the board creative and enthusiasm to facilitate the ports future endeavors.


Mr. Brian Dowe - Director of the Board

As a Certified ATC Technician, Certified Tech Ed Teacher and with an Associate Degree in Electricity and Electronics Technology, Brian Dowe brings to the NASPA board a wide range of expertise and knowledge in the port authority. He joined the organisation on May 21st 2018 and has thus far continued to serve us as one of the Directors of the board.


Mr. Tesson Danet - Director of the Board

As a licensed Boat Master and a Marine Engineer, Mr. Danet brings to the NASPA board experience and knowledge in the port with a focus on Marine. He joined the NASPA board of directors May 21st 2018 and has served us as one of its Directors.

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