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Sea Ports

Charlestown Port


Larger vessels are required to anchor in designated areas, and passengers and crew use tenders to travel ashore.  Yachts up to 90 feet are required to tie to moorings. This facility also provides a 24 hr security service throughout the year.



The Nevis Air & Sea Ports Authority continues to ensure that the Charlestown Port improves on the service provided to the travelling public. It continues to seek ways and means to enhance and further develop its picturesque and charming facility.




At the Charlestown Port, there are ferry operators that provide an exceptional daily ferry service which allows you to travel at your convenience between Charlestown and Basseterre.



The Charlestown Port also provides accommodation for all cruise calls along with the hundreds of yachters who visit our shores annually. Operators of these vessels now have the convenience of processing their documents all at one location, saving them time and extra cost. Vessels with draughts up to 3 meters can dock alongside the main pier. 




Charlestown Port
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