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Sea Ports

Long Point Port

Tasked with all the islands import needs, the Long Point Port is located on the southern coast of the island, just on the outskirt of Charlestown. With only one (1) mile from the main road, the cargo facility is charged with receiving, securing and facilitating your international purchases and houses Customs officials to accommodate ease of attaining your items.

At the Long Point Port, we work in partnership with other shipping companies, along with the Customs Department to provide you with excellent service. Our services include facilitating:

  • Cargo Clearance: We work in collaboration with courier services to provide a safe environment for all goods imported into the island.

  • Rental space: We provide a safe and secure designated area for boat and yacht operators to rent to properly store their vessel.   

  • Fifth wheel services: Our skilled heavy machinery staff transport containers and safely relocate them from the vessels to our secure facility.

boat at long point
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