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management team

Oral Brandy

Mr. Oral Brandy - General Manager

Serving us as the Chief Executive Officer/ General Manager of NASPA, Mr. Oral Brandy joined NASPA in 2002 and held the positions of Senior Accounting Officer, Accountant, and Financial Controller and was appointed General Manager in May 2013.  He is a Professional Accountant and Fellow of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA). He also holds a Masters Degree in Ministry (MA Min.), an Associate Degree in Business Administration, and is a Certified Port Executive (CPE). 

Loretta France

Ms. Loretta France - Human Resource Manager


As Manager in the Human Resource Department, Ms. France has the responsibility of handling the most prized asset of the company which is its employees. She joined the establishment in November 1999 and has worked her way up from Secretary/Relief Cashier to Human Resource Officer, to Human Resource Manager. She received her training and a series of certificates in human resource management that complements her as a competent and hardworking individual.

Shelley Weekes

Ms. Shelley Weekes - Chief Operations Officer


In 2008, Ms. Weekes was appointed Chief Operations Officer at the Vance W. Amory International Airport but currently serves the Long Point Port as Chief Operations Officer. Shelley successfully completed the Entry Level Meteorological Technician course in Barbados in 1996 and underwent advanced studies at North Carolina State University. She also received training in Aviation Safety Management Systems and International Maritime Dangerous Goods and is currently the Vice President of NASPA Sports and Social Club.

Daron Sutton

Mr. Daron Sutton - Airport Manager

Mr. Daron Sutton started his employment with NASPA in 1998 as an Air Traffic Controller. In 2017, he was appointed Chief of Air Traffic Services. He successfully completed his Entry Level Meteorological Technician course in 1994 and his Air Traffic Control course in 1995. He also completed a certification in Aviation Safety and Security in Trinidad in 2006 as part of the University of Southern California (USC) overseas training program. In July of 2019, Mr Sutton was appointed Airport Manager.

Llewelyn Collins

Mr. Llewellyn Collins - Marine Supervisor/ Mechanic

Mr. Llewellyn Collins was employed by NASPA in 2009 and was appointed as Marine Supervisor/Mechanic at the Long Point Port in 2012.  Mr. Collins has training as a Diesel Mechanic and was previously employed at the St. Kitts Nevis Coast Guard for 12 years where he rose to the position of Chief Engineer. Mr. Collins also worked for 17 years at the Four Seasons Resort Nevis where he rose to the position of Boat Mechanical Supervisor.

Patricia Parris

Ms. Patricia Parris - Accountant

Previously employed at NASPA as an Accounts Clerk, Ms. Parris later held the position of Senior Accounts Officer and in 2014 she was promoted to the post of Accountant. Ms. Parris holds an Associate Degree in Accounting from the J.F Drake State Technical College, Alabama. She is President of NASPA Sports and Social Club and Treasurer of Bath United Football Club.

Kiah Wilkes

Mr. Kiah Wilkes - Chief of Air Traffic Services

Mr. Kiah Wilkes joined the NASPA Team in 2007 and was attached to the Air traffic Services Unit. In 2008, he successfully completed his Entry Level Meteorological Technician Course at The Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology (CIMH) in Barbados. In 2013, he attained a Diploma in Aerodrome and Approach Control (Procedural) at Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Training Centre. In 2019, He held the position of Acting Senior Air Traffic Controller (SATCO). In 2021, he successfully completed certification in Air Traffic Control Assessor/Examiner from Bryce Fisher and Associates (Aviation Consultants) in Canada and in 2022, he gained certification in  Air Traffic Control On the Job Training Instructor (OJTI) from Academia Superior de Ciencias Aeronauticas (ASCA) Dominican Republic. Mr. Wilkes was appointed Chief of Air Traffic Services in May 2022.

Makaveli Shakur

Mr. Makaveli Shakur - Actg. Chief of Security

Makaveli Shakur has a wealth of experience in both public and private security, with a solid understanding of criminal justice principles and procedures.

As a former member of the Royal St. Christopher & Nevis Police Force from 2004 to 2009, he has experience in maintaining law and order, protecting citizens and property, and enforcing laws and regulations, Associate’s degree in Security Management and Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice indicate a strong educational foundation in these fields, while his diplomas in Private Investigation and Infantry demonstrate a focus on investigation and tactical skills.

Additionally, Makaveli Shakur experience as a Transportation Security Officer with the DHS/TSA further highlights his expertise in security, particularly in the transportation sector. They would have been responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the traveling public through the screening of passengers and their belongings.

Overall, Makaveli Shakur background demonstrates a commitment to protecting and serving the public, as well as a strong understanding of security practices and criminal justice procedures.

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