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Sea Ports

Newcastle Port

The Newcastle Sea Port is one of the most long-standing ports in Nevis. During the late

forties and early fifties, it was used by sailors as a dock to transport people, sugar cane, and other various commodities between Nevis and St. Kitts The port in its present state is underdeveloped but remains very vibrant. It is the home of many fishermen in the St. James area who create a buzz on Saturdays with their catch of fish, making it the

busiest port on that day.



Newcastle Port
Newcastle Pier

One of the significant advantages of this port is that it is located on the northern side of the island and is an ideal shelter during the hurricane season. Boats from Charlestown and other parts of the Federation often find safe harbour at the Newcastle Port during the time of storms. It is believed that with its good qualities and peculiar features, including a water depth of 10ft around the dock, the Newcastle Port can once again be put too much greater use.     

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