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Sea Ports

Oualie Water Taxi Facility

The Oualie Water Taxi Facility is one of the most frequently used interisland water transportation used by local and international travelers. The facility was first opened on May 20th, 2019 and reopened on March 28th to accommodate the water taxi operation. The need resulted from a growing demand for an organized water taxi operation, as passengers travelling between St. Kitts and Nevis wanted to do so faster, at more convenient times and with more options. The Nevis Island Administration, then made a decision to facilitate this venture by providing a better and safer infrastructure, managed by the Nevis Air and Seaports Authority.


Upon the completion of the 316 foot T shaped pier, bathroom facilities, fencing and departure lounge, official business started which saw nine (9) boat operators transporting passengers between a two-mile distance in approximately 7-10 minutes. Scheduled and chartered trips are done by the water-taxi operators. Cargo operation is not allowed at the facility.










  • Only authorized persons, including employees, boat operators, crew and passengers are allowed to be on the pier

  • Life-rings and navigational lights are attached to pier

  • Water-taxi operators are to adhere to normal safety practices, including wearing life jackets and having life-rings

  • Marked swim zones

  • No vehicular traffic allowed on the pier except for emergencies or specifically authorized to do so

  • 24 hours Security services.

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