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Fees & Tariff

Port Dues

Port Dues are based on the highest gross registered tonnage (GRT) of the vessel as shown in the Lloyd's register of shipping. However, the Nevis Air and Sea Ports Authority (NASPA) reserves the right to admeasure any vessel when deemed necessary.

The following are exempted from Port Dues:

  • Fishing Vessels

  • Vessels belonging to the Government of Nevis

  • Vessels of any Commonwealth country other than those loading or discharging cargo or those embarking or disembarking passenger for freight or fares.

The following are the port dues levied on ships for the purposes of discharging or loading cargo as well as passengers.













The following are port dues levied on yachts. Yachts over 150 GRT is subjected to the rates above for harbour port dues according to size. 



Laid Up Ships

The owner or agent of any ship anchored or moored in Charlestown or Long Point may, if the ship is not being used for the storage of cargo or commercial or residential purposes, apply to the Port Manager to be classed as a 'Laid Up Ship'. Every ship so classed shall pay half the dues detailed above in the Port Dues (harbour) table. These dues must be paid at the end of each calendar year.

Unauthorized Berthing


Any vessel berthed in an unauthorized manner or shifted without approval of the Authority shall be subjected to additional Port Dues.

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