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Local Businesses benefit from inaugural call of Crystal Serenity

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

The Charlestown port was buzzing with activity in the early morning of Thursday December 12, 2019 when the ship, Crystal Serenity, made its inaugural call to Nevis.

The ship hosts 9080 passengers and saw a large crowd on the pier making the way to taxi operators to tour the island. Part of the visit included a tour of the vessel which included member of the Nevis Tourism Authority, the Government information Service and the Nevis Air and Sea Port Authority.

Present at a brief welcoming ceremony was Operations Manager at Charlestown Sea Port, Ken Pemberton, who welcomed the crew and their passengers and invited everyone on a tour of the island to see what it has to offer.

Also present was the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, John Hanley, who represented Premier and Minister of Tourism, the Hon. Mark Brantley.

“I trust that by the end of your visit that you will be warmed by the hospitality of the Nevisians” John Hanley on behalf of mark ‘Nevis is one of the most unique islands in the Caribbean’

During the ceremony, the Ministry of Tourism and Captain of Crystal Serenity, Egil Giske exchanged tokens of appreciation for the ships inaugural call to the island.


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