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Inside NASPA - Clearing Packages Edition

When visiting the Long Point port to clear packages, there are four main stops you must make, the shipping agent, the security at the gate, the Port Cashier, and the warehouse. Before coming to clear your packages, you should first ensure that you have the correct documents to clear your packages. It is important to have your waybill from the shipping agent before coming to the port. The security allows you into the compound and inspects your packages on your way out. The port cashier charges you the port fees and gives you your receipt voucher. And finally, the warehouse is where you deal with customs and collect your packages.

After collecting your waybill from the shipping agent, and you arrive at the port to clear your packages, as mentioned before you should first check in with the security officers at the gate. You must provide a valid government-issued photo ID to the port security to receive a port-issued ID. You will then proceed to the Port Cashier. Here you will present your waybill so that the port charges can be calculated. You will pay the port charges and receive a receipt voucher then proceed to the warehouse. Absolutely no children are allowed inside the warehouse. When you get to the warehouse, present your waybill to the warehouse attendant so they can assist in locating the packages.

When your package has been located, it will be taken to the customs checking area. Here, you will provide your receipt voucher, waybill, and any other important documents to the customs officer. The customs officer will then inspect your packages and charge you accordingly. When you are finished with customs, you will then give your documents to the warehouse attendant at the desk. There, they will record and sign out your packages. To collect your larger packages, you will need to arrange for a truck or your vehicle to enter the port compound. You will park next to the ramp at the warehouse to allow for the packages to be loaded into your vehicle. After this, you will proceed to the exit where security will do a last verification before leaving. The security will sign out your release and return your Government-issued ID in exchange for the port-issued ID.


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