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Inside NASPA - Security Edition

When visiting the Long Point Port for any business, ensure that you have a valid government issued ID. The ID is to be given to the security officers at the gate and you will be provided a port ID. Your ID is kept in a secured location with security. Without a valid government issued ID, you can be refused entry to the port. Upon leaving the port, you must return the port ID in exchange for your government issued ID. If the port ID is lost, a fine of $50 ec is charged.

When leaving the Long Point Port, after clearing items from customs, you should present your receipt voucher to the security officers at the gate. The receipt voucher is the pink and yellow receipt that the port cashiers provide you with. The security officers will check this voucher along with your items to ensure that the goods leaving match the description and name on the voucher. Before leaving, ensure that the voucher is completed by the necessary personnel and have the necessary stamps before going to the security at the exit gate.

The Long Point Port and Charlestown Port operate under a Marsec Level 1. This means that the security officers are completing the normal tasks to keep the ports secured. There are two other levels that the ports can operate under. They are Marsec Level 2 and Marsec Level 3. For the Marsec Level to rise, there has to be a threat or imminent danger directed to the ports. Marsec Level 2 is used when the security needs to be hightened and Marsec Level 3 is used when there is an imminent threat. For both levels, security is increased and there is an increase of searches. Any ships alongside the pier will also raise their level according to the port in which they are docked.


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