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NASPA Participates in Stand Down

In a remarkable show of solidarity, the staff of NASPA, Tropical Shipping, and King Ocean joined other ports of region in a stand down to express their condolences and support for the tragic events that unfolded in Barbados and Guyana. Recently in Guyana, there was an accident at the Peter’s Hall port, which resulted in the unfortunate death of a port employee, Mr. Shawn Joseph Desantos. In Barbados, there was an accident which resulted in the death of another port worker, Mr. Jeffrey Boomes.

NASPA, Tropical Shipping and King Ocean employees during Stand Down.

Recognizing the immense pain and suffering faced by the communities affected, the staff came together to acknowledge the significance of these tragic events and the need for unity during difficult times. By taking this stand down, NASPA and Tropical Shipping demonstrated their commitment to stand as one with the people of Barbados and Guyana, offering their support, and unwavering compassion. This powerful gesture not only highlighted their deep empathy for the affected communities but also served as a rallying call for others to join hands and lend a helping hand in rebuilding and healing these nations.

According to the General Manager of NASPA, Mr. Oral brandy, “Situations like these do bring a deep sense of sadness to port and shipping lines workers everywhere, especially when we think of the safety risks that certain workers face on a daily or weekly basis when performing their duties. It also underscores our emphasis on safety first.”

NASPA wishes condolences to the family and friends of both men.


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