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NASPA Wins NovaPort Cup for Most Improved Performer in the Region

The Nevis Air and Sea Ports Authority (NASPA) has been awarded the NovaPort Cup at the 25th Annual General Meeting of the Port Management Association of the Caribbean (PMAC). The NovaPort Cup is a prestigious award that is given to the most improved among the regional sea ports for 2021 compared to 2020.

The assessment of this award is based on comparisons of five Port Performance Indicators (PPIs). The PPIs are the total cargo volumes, the total revenue generated per revenue ton, the total expenses per revenue ton, the net profit per revenue ton and the total staff per revenue ton.

The PMAC Executive Secretary, Glenn Roach “commends NASPA for demonstrating commitment to continuing to strive to improve its efficiency and level of service to the benefit of local and regional industry stakeholders.”

The chairman of NASPA’s board, Mr. Joseph Liburd stated that “As Chairman of NASPA, I feel very proud that NASPA has received the prestigious award from PMAC in the form of the NovaPort Cup. The period under review was very difficult but we were able to remain committed and continued to improve our efficiency. I wish on behalf of the board of directors to thank the management and staff of NASPA and also our stakeholders. Your contributions have been greatly appreciated.”