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Fees & Tariff

Terminal Handling


To expedite the prompt handling of goods through the terminal areas, the following documents will be required:

  • Inbound Cargo

    • Bill landing

    • Invoice

    • Ship's Manifest

  • Outbound Cargo

    • Shipping Bill ​

    • Port Authority Receipt Voucher

  • Manifest - all local vessels, cargo and/or passengers must present a manifest on arrival at Charlestown or Long Point. 

NB: ALL documents must be originals or certified facsimiles.

Overlanded Cargo shall be charged a fee of $20.00 per ton of 2200 lbs. o r 35 cubics feet. One free storage period will be allowed after which excess storage charges will apply. 

Extra Charges for Non-Propelled Wheeled Vehicles

Extra charges shall be charged for the movement of non-propelled wheeled vehicles to and from the place of deposit into the open area. Viz. Automobiles, Farm Trackers, Trucks, Grading and Road Making Implements, Cement Trucks and Lifting Equipment fall under this category. Individual units weighing 6,000 lbs or less and up to 10 units are charged $10.00 each while over 10 units are charged $7.00 each.

Refrigerated Containers

The following charges for plugging will be applicable to refrigerated containers. 

Cruise Ships

In addition to other charges, the charge of $13.50 per passenger aboard is also applicable to cruise ships, cabin cruisers, and pleasure yachts. 


$5.00 per ton of petroleum product landed is payable to the agent for tankers. This is in addition to the other charges specified. 

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