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Marine Dues

These Marine Dues are in respect of ships entering the ports of Nevis via Charlestown and Long Point Ports. 

Piloting of Ships and Vessels

For Piloting vessels on arrival, departure/ or shifting berth or anchorage. These charges include services of pratique and clearance aids. 

There is no charge for piloting vessels on arrival and departure. Any additional piloting services will be charged a fee of $250.00.

The above mentioned Dues are from the hours of 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. For periods outside of these hours, and on Sundays and Statutory holidays, charges shall increase by 25%.

The waiting time fee is $60.00 per hour or part thereof. Provided if the ship arrives at the pilot station within the 1st hour, no waiting time will be charged.


The cancelation fee is $60.00 if a pilot is ordered and the required services is not cancelled within 3 hours of the ordered due time.

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