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NASPA Recognizes Street Cleaners

As part of our annual community outreach efforts, the Nevis Air & Sea Ports Authority (NASPA) recognized four sanitation workers at the Ministry of Health in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) for their contribution to keeping Charlestown clean all year round.

Mr. Donald Browne, Raoule Archibald, Donald Browne, and Lester Nisbett were recognized with a gift basket for their Christmas, for consistently maintaining a clean environment in and around our town.

During a brief ceremony hosted on Tuesday, December 12th, 2023 at the Ferry Terminal in Charlestown, Accountant/ Supervisor of the Charlestown Port, Patricia Parris, explained the purpose of recognizing the workers.

It’s a demonstration of our appreciation for their [street cleaners] efforts during the year. They have kept the city clean throughout the whole year, including during the Culturama season and the Christmas season.

Not enough appreciation is shown to them for the very important work they do, but as a port authority, we continue to recognize them for their unwavering and dedicated effort.

Every year, the NASPA recognizes street cleaners in Charlestown for keeping the town clean, and for over five years, the organization has expressed its gratitude and love for the cleaners and their contribution to the community.


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