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Remembering Gavron Woolward

The Board of Directors, Management, and Staff at NASPA, particularly, The Vance Amory Air Traffic Services (Control Tower) pay tribute to a person who was not just our colleague but a cherished friend, a mentor, a husband, a father Mr. Gavron Woolward. Although we all are so deeply saddened by his loss, we are also filled with deep gratitude for having had the privilege of working alongside him.

Mr. Gavron Woolward joined the Air Traffic Services Unit in 1999 as an Air traffic Control/Met Trainee. From the very first day, he brought a quiet energy to the office. His enthusiasm for work was contagious and his passion for excellence was evident in everything he did. He was not just skilled in his profession; he had a love and passion for Christ. He was a person who uplifted everyone around him with his positive attitude and generous spirit. He was always available to offer guidance, share knowledge, and provide support to anyone who needed it.

Gavron was also known for his sense of humor. He had a unique way of finding a light moment in stressful situations such as heated debates about Christ, with his colleagues Rohan and Maurice. He always called on Shevon when something goes wrong with the computers and on Raynise and Ian for shift exchanges, especially for Sunday mornings, when he had to do his duties as a pastor. He called on Kiah for all matters pertaining to the Office.

Although he was a very reserved person, he had a knack for crafting the perfect joke at the right moment. This always reminds us that a bit of humor can go a long way in creating a positive work environment. In the field of Aviation, anything can go wrong at any time. Fortunately, Gavron was there to deal with most, if not all the accidents/ incidents that happened at the Newcastle/Vance Amory Airport. His most recent was an aircraft that ditched at Herbert’s Beach in September 2023.

Gavron's life outside the office was just as rich and full. He had a love for Christ which he would communicate with everyone he encountered. He had many hobbies such as cleaning the church on Saturday mornings, taking home members after church, discussing Bible stories with his children, and spending time at the beach. He was the perfect family man.

As we bid farewell to Gavron, we honor his memory by embodying the qualities that he exemplified. Let us strive to be compassionate, and dedicated and to find joy in our work and our relationships. His spirit will forever be a part of this team and his legacy will continue to inspire and guide us. Thank you for the laughter, the wisdom, and the countless memories.

You were more than a colleague; you were a treasured brother and a guiding light in our lives. Gavron the Air Traffic Controller, Gavron the Meteorological Officer, Gavron the Aeronautical Information Service Officer, Gavron the ATC Assessor. “Gulf Whiskey’’ Rest in Eternal Peace Your memory will forever be cherished in our hearts.


Vance Amory Air Traffic Services (Control Tower).

With Love from Ian, Maurice, Rohan, Raynise, Shevon and Kiah.



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